Fuzzy & Birch is now Unfocusedpreneur!

See what happened to my yearly income when I went BEYOND Etsy...

I don't wanna teach you how to work HARDER for the same amount of money every year.

Let me send you my 3 favorite focus templates

Hey guess what -- I changed my business... Not to piss you off, but to give you MORE support and help you grow BEYOND Etsy. Because that’s what I did, and it was the best decision I ever made ⬇️

Focus is the magic "secret" you're missing. Hone in on the missing pieces that will make you richer, smarter, and calmer with three simple fill-in-the-blank templates.

Hell Yeah, Help me FOCUS!

After coaching THOUSANDS of Etsy clients, I realized that's exactly what the platform has become.

NOW I'm teaching creative entrepreneurs how to work EFFICIENTLY. 

Because trying to solve your problem with MORE doesn't work. If it did, you'd be rich by now.

Whether you wanna carve out a career on Etsy (which will take more effort), or NOT (transitioning takes effort at first, but allows you to work LESS later)...

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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That's what Etsy was like for me.

My life was a parade of more listings, adjusting SEO, making endless graphics, trying to get traction on social media...Not to mention being constantly bombarded with messages that I had to do MORE to succeed.

One day I realized that working harder and harder for sales IS NOT SUSTAINABLE.

Not on any friggin' planet -- if I was doing 14 hours of work per day NOW...what would that look like when I was 60?!?

FUCK that noise!

I decided to take back the night and create a business where I could make MORE MONEY with LESS (gotta-get-this-done) ENERGY.

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Wanna log in to the Etsy Success Tribe portal? GUESS WHAT: It’s been completely revamped and tons of new shit was added just for you at NO extra cost!

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Etsy Tribe Portal

Wanna log in to the Birch Please member portal? GUESS WHAT: It’s been completely revamped and tons of new shit was added just for you at NO extra cost!

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